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Exceptionally Stupid Laws

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Take a look at some of the truly stupid laws in the USA. NY State law actually mandates that a license be purchased before hanging clothes on a clothesline. In Carmel, NY, it is illegal for a man to go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that don't match. In NYC, citizens may not greet each other by "putting one's thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers". In New Jersey, It is against the law for a man to knit during the fishing season. In Newark, it is illegal to sell ice cream after 6 pm unless the customer has a note from his doctor.

The Sweeter Life Health Path asks why we continue to have decidedly stupid laws in force.

These are just a few of our dumber laws. Mostly harmless. What the Sweeter Life Health Path notes to be considerably less harmless are some of the laws enacted by the F.D.A., such as disallowing all claims regarding treatment or cures for any device, or regarding cures for any disease or disorder. That's ridiculous, considering the effectiveness of so many naturopathic devices and approaches.

Understanding that the FDA's primary function was designed to protect us from fakers and scams, the FDA has indeed stopped many major dangers from reaching the American public. That's the great side of the FDA, and speaks to the commitment of particular individuals to serving humanity as well as the more immediate safety needs of Americans. This function is vital, and should not be diluted by the FDA's persistent refusal to accept even one in a thousand devices or substances that heal people in safe, healthful order if it's not in the financial interest of the conventional pharmaceutical industry of medical profession. Income must stop being the primary determinant, superceding even safety issues.

For example, around the world, the CES Brain Tuner has quickly and effectively cured thousands of people of alcohol or drug cravings. Yet, because it's not effective 100% of the time, American law does not allow any claims to be made whatsoever, preventing too many people needing the benefits of the brain tuner from being made aware of those benefits.

So, too, are naturopathic medicines subjected to the same treatment. Countless people have benefited enormously not only in the past few years from trying naturopathic approaches, rather, for thousands of years. Now that naturopathic medicine is measurably boosted by advanced technologies, yet and still most of us go on believing that "the government is rarely wrong," and therefore continue using drugs that do NOT safely produce the desired results. I mean you no offense when I tell you that my brain does not operate as most people do, wherein opinions based on someone else's statement is sufficient to convince me, UNLESS A CLEAR MAJORITY OF SIZABLE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE have that opinion based on their personal experience.

You already know that experience is the best teacher, by far. It is in applying it that we differ. If it's not life-or-death, there is no way my child is going to take a synthetic antibiotic which is expressly and exclusively designed NOT to fight infection or to boost your immune system, but quite the opposite. Were you, indeed ARE you aware of this?

While your doctor certainly comports himself as someone genuinely concerned for your welfare, why is it that he or she has never told you that antibiotics are designed exclusively and expressly to DEPRESS AND SUPPRESS your immune system, in hope that, when your brain realizes that death is a definite possibility, it will jump-start your already-existing infection-fighting abilities to the point that the infection will be defeated.
It is almost identical to swallowing air in order to burp out even more air that is trapped in your stomach. The only difference is that the air-swallowing maneuver does not often kill the person swallowing extra air, wherease antibiotics are acknowledged to kill more than a hundred people in America every single day of the year. Another two hundred to five hundred are, to be precise, killed every single day by other medications from the pharmaceutical industry.

By being the fattest people in the world, Americans demonstrate the truth of the proverb, "No one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people." Each person dumber than the next, taking enormous pains with the diet of their dogs, cats, and other pets, understanding that the length and quality of that pet's life is directly related to diet... yet they persistently stuff themselves with foods so dead that their own death is measurably, measurably accelerated. For precise measurements, contact any actuary at your nearest insurance company (the only industry that makes more money from death than funeral homes).

With the technology of bioenergetics, the Phazx Bodyscan2010 employs galvanic skin response to safely and electronically seek your precise sensitivities to more than 10,000 substances, toxins, bacteria, and more. Knowing what's happening inside your body puts you in a better position to accelerate healing, naturally. A competent Bodyscan practitioner can often tell you what's bothering you before you mention a symptom.

Dr. David Cohen, a naturopathic practitioner who hurries to tell people he's not an MD, that he's proud to be an ND, a naturopathic doctor who does not use deadly medicines, and has a far higher rate of success than any allopathic doctor you'll ever meet. He's one of any number of practitioners of natural medicine, which is why they're called "naturopathic physicians," who enjoy higher healing rates than pretty much any allopathic doctor in America. These aren't mere opinions, we're talking about a distinct majority of patients who return to healthy balance equal or better to how they'd been before illness or injury. Show us more than a handful of doctors in America who can claim that a majority of their patients are healed. Get real.

Allopathic doctors are those doctors who earn their living instructing you to take deadly and|or damaging synthetic chemicals, and who operate more than ONE MILLION TIMES PER YEAR MORE than is needed. Do you dare to contest this?
Never mind all the MrShortcut Zen For Life

No educated person argues any of these facts, only the conclusions. You could fairly state that the typical doctor's internal admittance is along the lines of: "Yes, it's true that prescription medicines kill or seriously sicken up to sixteen patients for every one patient who gets the ultimate benefit of the drug, but these medicines hide the symptoms so that the patient thinks they're healthy again, and I can charge as much as I can." or "Yes, it is true that we medical doctors are documented far beyond refute to be the third largest cause of death in America. The legal term to hide this fact is "iatrogenia." Still and all, there is a great deal of money to be made."

Ladies and gentleman, let's call a spade a spade here. Just a couple of generations ago, doctors were about the most respected members of our communities. They didn't get particularly rich, and still they commanded our respect for service. one of those rare doctors who provide free follow-up visits and therapies for every Bodyscan, knows that every medicine produced by pharmaceutical companies has a natural alternative. Nature, and the Architect of the Universe, provides many natural items for attaining weight loss, drug-free pain abatement, undiagnosed problems, and more. It is a matter of combining timeless wisdom with our most advanced technology. As with every human effort, results speak louder than words. Working intelligently against brainless laws is a good beginning. Open your mouth. If you're not part of the solution, you literally contribute to the problem. That is why, although 500,000 more Americans voted for Al Gore, George Bush was allowed to take the Presidency; because most Americans did not vote at all. Had they done so, surely one candidate or the other would have had a clearer win, since five hundred thousand majority was not enough.

Open your mouth and be heard. You already know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
What you know means so little in the face of what you do with what you know.
Please. If you're going to live, doesn't it make sense to live sweetly?
Whether you are left or right of center, open up to fair compromise.
There are stupid laws, and then there are really stupid laws.
The fastest way to get rid of the really stupid laws,
the healthiest way to get rid of these stupid laws,
is to open your mouth & be heard about them.
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If you need toilet paper beyond a genteel nod towards extreme hygiene,
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"Wrong" as in "dead wrong." Nine of ten people die from the colon.
As you may know, death does in fact begin within the colon, hm?
Take better care of your colon, it will take better care of you.
All those stupid laws will achieve less of an effect on you.
This is achieved by eating greens and reds and purples,
foods that come from the ground, rich in nutrition.
If you knew better, you'd do better, we're sure,
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