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because too many care more for money than for you.
Stop underestimating your ability to learn a few new facts.
Learn more about what ails you and you'll find yourself making better decisions.
The Sweeter Life Health Path is out to help you make those better decisions.

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You will find this the largest true website on the internet.
Thus, it is also the largest naturopathic website ever created,
and, it is believed, the healthiest website any of us might soon visit.
Every health challenge but death itself has safer, natural approaches.

Welcome to the largest true website for health, your Sweeter Life Health Path.
Nothing comes close, no human can review all of the Sweeter Life Health Path in a lifetime.
It is certainly the largest naturopathic - or natural healing - website, focused on YOUR health.
The smarter approach is an educated approach, so you are out of excuses for lack of education.
By learning just one new fact each hour or day or week - your choice - you increase your education.
Learning one new fact every hour for a few hours per day, your doctor will soon be learning from you.
As challenging as it may be to understand and accept this, six-eighths of your M.D.'s training is about selling.
This does not even refer to the "bedside manner" training they receive, which is no more than salesmanship.
It refers exclusively to the years, yes, years, that your medical student spends studying pharmacy catalogs.
This is less of a comment upon your M.D. than it is an assertion on the need for you to educate yourself.
One new fact to one more new fact. That's all you need to focus on. One hundred facts does the trick.
Before you have one hundred new facts in your mind about whatever your health concerns are,
you will in fact be enjoying mastery equal to or greater than your medical doctor's "mastery."
If medical doctors are so good at what they do, why, pray tell, are deaths zooming up?
In 2006 alone, NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND NEW DIABETICS.  Insulin does not heal.  Ever.
Dietary and nutrition decisions alone are worth a thousand dosages of insulin.
Once again, this is not to debate the values of insulin, for there are none.
Nine years after being told I would need injections every day forever,
I remain an insulin virgin, for I have never allowed a single shot.
I can still outrun most every human forty years younger than I,
can stand on either foot with eyes closed - even on tip-toe,
and can breathe out for more than thirty straight seconds.
This is not about me, or my opinions of pharmacology.
It is about you learning just one new fact at a time,
one new fact about what relates to YOUR health.

One new fact is a magic secret of this life,
Before you do better than the best of us,
can you know more than the rest of us?

The Sweeter Life Health Path wants you to learn more, so you can live more. Learn!

As useful and powerful as the information is at
remember that NOTHING can take the place of your participating consultation with your doctor or other health professional.

NO ONE can heal you by internet or telephone, so please do not accept information as being diagnostic here. It is not.
It is all designed to help you to educated yourself, because Mr-Shortcut believes that we are all our own top doctors.

Please remember that you and God, sometimes your mother, are the only ones who ultimately care about you.
The more you learn, the more you tend to live, with quality and quantity. So learn more and live more!

... created for you by Mr-Shortcut because you are well worth it.
You have found your way to a most amazing journey of eyecandy and brain candy,

all designed to help you live younger longer, thanks to MisterShortcut,
which means thanks to the masters, millionaires, and champions.
Those who repeatedly do it the best show they know best.

Everyone else needs to be silent when they speak, hm?
Enjoy.   Free for your life,
the MrShortcut Zen For Life of masters and champions, those who repeatedly lead.

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Better health is far more a matter of choice than of better birth.
It is true that those who were naturally nursed will be stronger.
Still, better health is achievable by everyone who eats well.
Your current definition of "eating well" may need redefining.
"Eating well" means rarely ever eating anything touched by others.
Wash your own fruits and vegetables, and likely live better, longer.
Although there are many indisputably effective Longevity and health secrets,
you'll find that a few ounces of good quality olive oil, daily, works miracles.
Not in a virtual sense, either: genuine miracles that you will be able to repeat.
Better health is so much more a matter of choice, of YOUR better choices of diet.
Anything that was not once living has no hope of providing you with nutrition.
As for restaurants more than once a year, it is a sign of the foolhardy,
which is diplomatese for being a sign of the fool. Eat your own food.
Garbage in, garbage out. Quality in, quality out. Eat your own food.
Better health devolves to those imitating those with better health.
The Sweeter Life Health Path is just that: imitation of those who do.