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Today is, without a doubt, the most powerful day of your life.
There are only three days in your life: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Yesterday is history, and we cannot get better yesterday, right?
Tomorrow is a mystery, and we may not be here for tomorrow.
That leaves today, the only day in which you can live.
Therefore, live more in this moment, in this day.
Reduce your petty conversations and collect,
collection thousands of wasted minutes,
that you may live more and better.


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The MrShortcut Zen For Life On YOUR Wisdom

All wisdom contains multiple layers, multiplex levels of usefulness.
If you know how to listen, here is very powerful information, new to you.
These next few minutes of your life are likely to change you forever. Focus.
When you obtain benefit from new facts, you get to your first level of wisdom.
With so much of you invested in getting to the first level, it is silly to limit yourself.
You have invested eighty percent of what is needed to get to so many more profits.
Do not limit yourself to one meaning. With less time and effort, each layer gets better.
This is a major and master secret of the universe, used by all of the masters around you.
Seek and find your second level of utility, and then your third and even fourth and fifth uses.
Your learning curve goes up in but mere minutes, even today, when you look past first blush.
Every human you've ever met who was or is worth admiring uses this magical PowerGem.
A PowerGem is a deliciously universal secret of your own MrShortcut Zen For Life.
PowerGems are hidden in plain sight throughout millions of MisterShortcut pages.

A closing thought about a matter of real import to the MrShortcut Zen For Life :
You already know that what goes around comes around, ala "What goes up..."

Click through at thehungersite, one time every day that you live and breathe.

When you save dozens, then hundreds of lives, luck tends to transmogrify.
Watch how quickly a real variety of facets of your life begin improving.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE the MrShortcut Zen For Life.

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AnimalRescue, RainForest, ChildHealth, and LiteracySite.

As with every act of anonymous kindness you commit, YOU win.
You will, as we all do, experience many of your life's greatest feelings.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.

Join the MrShortcut Zen For Life, solving problems,
one at a time, with the best and greatest shortcuts,
universal shortcuts sweetly called "PowerGems."

You're looking for an explanation of ShapeTalk perhaps?

Keep Looking.

ShapeTalk Is Also Multiplex!
The MrShortcut Zen For Life LIVES The Principles Of The MrShortcut Zen For Life

ShapeTalk. You may think that ShapeTalk is merely an expression of art, or distraction.
We each quickly benefit by learning to see ShapeTalk for what is actually is, hm?
You see, we have become sound-byte people, we like to get it short and sweet.
ShapeTalk is a way of expressing many separate pieces of wisdom in short.
There are over a thousand ShapeTalk pieces in thousands of versions,
spread all thoughout the MrShortcut Zen For Life for you to find.
ShapeTalk also, critically, separates thoughts line by line.
Have you noticed that? One line, one thought, mostly.
This way we can look at ShapeTalk and count!
Count the pieces of wisdom you take away.
Look in the ShapeTalk for PowerGems.


Just a sampling of the millions of unique pages MrShortcut crafted just for you
-- 3,100,000 minutes. Not to worry; there's a fair chance I'll receive a hefty paycheck in the next world, if there is one, ey?

These shortcuts to success come from the mouths of those who've already done it.
Masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires: role models for both of us.



Masterlinks are just the tip of the iceburg.
No human could review of all what MisterShortcut crafted,
mostly because each of us needs entirely individualized terms.
We accept what we accept because we base our thoughts on opinions.
The MrShortcut Zen For Life hopes to encourage more fact-based thought.


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Schools Springing Forth From The Psychology of Shortcuts

From the most prolific creator in the history of mankind,
here are just some of the unique schools of thought MisterShortcut,
springing forth from, and delivered of, your own choice of customized versions of the MrShortcut Zen For Life :

Alternative Remedies And Medicine is just what it sounds like, all about Healthier Way Of Living, meaning natural answers, naturopathy.
The Zen of One Shortcut means you can embrace Zen, and you can embrace one shortcut, the one shortcut (powergem) that appeals to you most.
Book of Good Shortcuts, which is a book of many good shortcuts for achieving what you want with a fraction of the time and effort it used to take.
Path To Great Success is an illuminative path, indeed, one that takes any one of us or all of us to great success on the path used by champions.
Path To Natural Health is as healthy and simple as can be. Water, oil, salt (air-dried sea salt), bulk, and good bacteria. They are natural health.
Zen of Better Shortcuts is a zen of eliminating most shortcuts while embracing better shortcuts, as usual, to achieve better and better results.
Alternative Remedies And Medicine - Truth is, so called alternative remedies and alternative medicines are really primary and natural medicines.

The Benefits of Complementary Medicine - As with Healthier Way Of Living s, complementary medicines are less complementary, more primary.
The Benefits of Natural Medicine - Any educated person can and ought to teach you the Healthier Way Of Living - more benefits than we can count.
The Book of Good Shortcuts - There are great shortcuts, there are good shortcuts, there are even mediocre shortcuts. Here, just good shortcuts abound.
The Book of Success Secrets - Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires all have success secrets. Here is a book full of success secrets.
The Encyclopedia of Shortcuts - So aptly titled, because it is, effectively, an MrShortcut Zen For Life, designed for your fullest self-empowerment.
The Encyclopedia of Winning Shortcuts - Again, Life's winning shortcuts are those PowerGems which are practiced by masters and champions.

The Encyclopedia on How To Succeed - Everyone needs a roadmap, an MrShortcut Zen For Life. Here it is, from the Psychology of Shortcuts.
The Encyclopedia of Success - Along the lines of the Encyclopedia on How To Succeed, the Encyclopedia of Success is more upbeat, less remonstrating.
The Great Shortcuts To Success - Whatever your pursuit in life, the MrShortcut Zen For Life powerfully elevate your success probabilities - repeatedly!
The Great Shortcuts to Excellence - Every human effort towards excellence has great shortcuts, so, here are your great shortcuts to YOUR excellence.
The How to Succeed at... because every human child should receive a book entitled "How To Succeed At....." to learn how to succeed at everything.

The MrShortcut Zen For Life is pretty much what it sounds like, with interactive EyeCandy Shapelinks and no shortage of success shortcuts.
Masters and Millionaires are the center of so much of what the Psychology of Shortcuts intends to deliver to you: methods of masters and millionaires.
The Methods Of Naturalists - Those who live naturally, who consider themselves naturalists, tend naturally to tend towards the Healthier Way Of Living.
The Methods of Dr. D Cohen - the first human to master Bodyscan2010 and QRA - the combination is more accurate than 1,000 MD's combined!
The MisterShortcut Masterlinks take you deeper into the Psychology of Shortcuts and all these thousands of websites from MisterShortcut.
The Path To Great Success - Most humans wish to fly into the path of great success. Wishing is a start. Taking action counts for more.

The Path To Natural Health - As stated, water, oil, salt, bulk, and good bacteria are a most powerful way to YOUR MrShortcut Zen For Life and healing.
The Pathway To Success - Climb aboard, climb inside your own Pathway to Success, brought to you by the Psychology of Shortcuts, and MisterShortcut.
The Power Path of Shortcuts - Power is rarely placed anywhere accidentally. Take control of the power you have, to get on the MrShortcut Zen For Life.
The Psychology of Longevity - the mother of all these naturopathic and natural-oriented websites, the MrShortcut Zen For Life is, naturally, free for you.
The Psychology of Successful People is the Psychology of doing things successfully by imitating successful people performing as you hope to perform.
The Psychology of A Good Life, because a good life is not as challenging as it has been for more of human history. Good shortcuts, for a good life.

The Psychology of Amazing Shortcuts. Amazing the world begins with amazing yourself. Use amazing shortcuts, and taste the amazing results.
The Psychology of Best Shortcuts - PowerGems are the best shortcuts of all time, the best shortcuts that work approximately every time.
The Psychology of Healing. For folks wishing to heal themselves naturally, climb inside the Healthier Way Of Living.
The Psychology of Healing Shortcuts. Natural healing shortcuts are healthier and safter than allopathic methods.
The Psychology of Healthiest Living. Living stronger for longer is a sweet result of living out the healthiest life.
The Psychology of Mr. Shortcut teaches us all how to use one great shortcut, or 1,000 of the greatest of them.
The Psychology of Naturality, naturally is about the Psychology of Naturality as practiced by the long-lived.
Road To True Success, your own guide and written menu to get onto the road to your own true success.
Healthier Way Of Living - People who live stronger for longer are a potent Healthier Way Of Living info.
The Tao of Great Shortcuts - Embrace your own personalized Tao of Great Shortcuts for a better life.
The Tao of Shortcuts- Ah, the MrShortcut Zen For Life say it all, doesn't it? Adopt your MrShortcut Zen For Life.
The Methods of Dr. D Cohen - self-explanatory, really, these are the methods of Dr. D. Cohen.
The Pathway Of True Health, for true health is not a destination, but a pathway of life.
The Utility of Natural Remedies and Medicines, for those who LOVE natural remedies.
The Way of Great Shortcuts, because Your way to success calls for great shortcuts.
Your Zen of Better Shortcuts,
Your Zen of Winning Secrets,
Your Zen of Mr-Shortcut,
Your Zen of One Shortcut,
Your Natural Healing Method,
Your Tao of Health Supplements,
Your Psychology of Achieving More,

Of course, there are plenty more, over 1,000 unique self-empowerment sites from MisterShortcut.
Each of us tends to respond in different ways to any particular stimuli, thus, great variegation.

Your Psychology of Best Shortcuts, your Psychology of Champions, all to help you to help yourself, are all part of this network.
Your Psychology of Greatest Shortcuts is just that, your MrShortcut Zen For Life, the greatest of all time, provably.
Psychology of Healing, because healing yourself naturally is a smarter idea. Jump into the Healthier Way Of Living for life.
The Psychology of Naturality, as in the naturality that helps to promote our own Longevity, living in a state of naturality.
Road To True Success, ultimately, is the Psychology of Shortcuts and all the other MisterShortcut schools of thought.
Tao of Shortcuts is worth mentioning again, because it is, after all, the Tao of Shortcuts to empower you today.
Your Pathway Of True Health, still helping people to find their own pathway to true health by living naturally.
Your Way of Great Shortcuts is a special site, because the great shortcuts work for everyone, including you.
Zen of Mister Shortcut. Adopt a zen, adopt the ways of Mister Shortcut, and Bob's yer uncle, aay?
Zen of Mr-Shortcut, while similar to the Zen of Mister Shortcut, is not quite the same!

All of these schools of thought are unique, and deliciously interactive, just for you.
Embrace your best thinking, engage your hungriest attitudes, and there you shall be,
on the pathway to your own greatest success, using your greatest success shortcuts.
Speak less, do more. Welcome to your own enormously self-empowering network,
all springing from the Psychology of Shortcuts of masters and millionaires.



Live Your MrShortcut Zen For Life - Speak Less And Do More


Learn more and you're likely to live more,
especially with PowerGems from the MrShortcut Zen For Life,
brought to you in the pursuit of bringing out the best in you.
Develop more of your potential with the MrShortcut Zen For Life, and go for yours, quickly!
Develop your health and strength naturally, to live longer and stronger without drugs.
The Healthier Way Of Living may well turn out to be your healthiest of websites.
Between the MrShortcut Zen For Life and the Healthier Way Of Living,
and all one thousand of the MisterShortcut websites, it would appear your life is about to get much, much better.
Created with love by MisterShortcut, for You

EyeCandy Capital of the Internet.

At the end of it all
you'll find the beginning of it all.
Starting over is as natural as breathing.
Each breath and each day, each sunrise and sunset,
each moment that your heart still beats you are starting over.

Go for yours. Then share it.

Thank you, Oprah; for giving, sharing, caring.
You are a magnificent role model for this and future generations about how to live.



Welcome to the largest empowerment site ever created by a single pair of hands.

Along with tributes to our heroes and victims of 911day, and facts/observations about one of the Least Believable Trials, the vast bulk of these pages are made up of the primary shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires.

Welcome to the world's biggest personal empowerment site

Comprised of 1,000,000 separate web pages contained on more than 989 unique empowerment sites, all tied together. Dedicated to the late, great Monsignor Bernard Francis Kellogg, Oprah, and the life-changing generosity of Paul Newman (anyone who gives away a hundred million dollars worth of food gets applause)... and, most of all, dedicated to you.
Dedicated specifically to YOU becoming a master, a millionaire, a champion, a billionaire.

Make This Your Own MrShortcut Zen For Life

Never has a dime changed hands on this project of shortcuts, designed to increase America's population of masters and millionaires by a mere one percent. This means that 70,000 of 290,000,000 people in America are invited to join the ranks of the most achieved, most fulfilled people among us: masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaire: masters of shortcuts. our only cost is an expectation that a portion of your newer profits be invested feeding hungrier people. Even today, you can feed someone for free with just a click
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Special thanks to Jacci Seskin, the Empowerer!


The MrShortcut Zen For Life aims to be the most empowering of all websites.
What is inside of you is going to shock not only you, as well, those around you.
No one ever gets to be the greatest by accident. Shortcuts accelerate your results.
Open up to the MrShortcut Zen For Life within you. LIVE your MrShortcut Zen For Life.
Ask more people more times and, and always give more reasons to say yes to you.
Shortcuts such as this define and inform the MrShortcut Zen For Life within you.
Less talking, and more doing, and you will know your MrShortcut Zen For Life.







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Masters and Millionaires            America's Most Powerful Book

How to achieve more with shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires.
Do things just a bit differently in order to get a different,  better  result.
        Success Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires      
is the most powerful book in America,
brought to you compliments of MrShortcut,
and 5200 role models, world-class champions.
It's free for life.  
These are the shortcuts to success of masters and millionaires, interviewed one at a time.
Enjoy your free copy.   MrShortcut believes in your success, wealth, happiness, and health, using consistently successful shortcuts... such as the shortcuts I used creating this largest empowerment site on earth.
.....shortcuts of masters and millionaires

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Some Schools of Thought From MisterShortcut via the Psychology of Shortcuts

MrShortcut Zen For Life, the wealth side of the Healthier Way Of Living. Next, you might seek to develop your own Healthier Way Of Living, or Healthier Way Of Living, which are the health facets of your own MrShortcut Zen For Life. Research tends to produce the Healthier Way Of Living, which are surely the Healthier Way Of Living. A different way without escaping the master secrets of health you can tap the Healthier Way Of Living. Further west you can choose the Healthier Way Of Living, in conjunction with the MrShortcut Zen For Life. It is your natural, Healthier Way Of Living, akin to the Healthier Way Of Living, complementing the MrShortcut Zen For Life. Both the Psychology of Shortcuts and the Psychology of Longevity are at the self-empowering center of it all, Healthier Way Of Living, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, Healthier Way Of Living, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, Healthier Way Of Living, which incorporates MrShortcut Zen For Life, the Healthier Way Of Living, and so many more. See if you can find or create the Healthier Way Of Living, and the MrShortcut Zen For Life. Get on your Healthier Way Of Living, which is our natural Healthier Way Of Living. They may take you to the MrShortcut Zen For Life, which promotes and uses MrShortcut Zen For Life. Teach yourself how to succeed faster with the Zen of Sweet Success, which does enjoy a universal application, alongside the health factors of the Healthier Way Of Living.

If you like, eke out your own Secrets of Success..., find your Tao of Winning Living, which also apply to every known human effort, with your wonderfully potent master secrets of the universe. That is unique, and different from the MrShortcut Zen For Life, and the MrShortcut Zen For Life, even thought they are each based on the same master secrets of the universe that produce so prolifically. You might also choose to engage the Healthier Way Of Living, Encyclopedia of Success, the Healthier Way Of Living, which is likenable to the Healthier Way Of Living.

The Godfather of Shortcuts invites you to use more of your shortcuts instantly,
because you get faster and better results in anything and everything you choose.
Think of EyeCandy as diversionary wrapping that you play past, to find the PowerGems.

EyeCandy is fun, such as Shapelinks, WaveRings, RingWaves, RaveWings and plenty more.
They are meant to be fun up to the point of learning. Most of such lines have just one thought.
The idea is for you to frolic through plenty of EyeCandy, play with the shapelinks, et alia,
to find PowerGems. Use of any one PowerGem or two or more PowerGems together
thoroughly assures you of producing much better and faster results.

Enough of the chatter.
In this day you must ask more people, expanding your written list,
because the more you write, the more you tend to make.
PLEASE stop forming opinions before you earn them.
Until you have done it a hundred or more times,
grasp the reality that your opinion means so little.
Even after one or two or three experiences, that's not mastery.
The only opinion that any of us need to hear is the opinion of mastery.
The opinion of mastery is the only one that can help us make better decisions.

The time that you save by not forming opinions until you have at least a dozen experiences,
each bit of the effort and energy you are no longer pointing in a direction that is profitless,
add to each other for a total increase in your intelligence that will please you enormously
Shh. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a rear end, and most of them stink.
You do not need to like the ugliness, although you can help yourself by accepting it.
You see, in both cases, it is the result of foolish decisions. Go ahead, take a look.

If you NEED toilet paper, beyond a nod at extra hygiene,
your diet is approximately one hundred percent killing you.
Do not confuse this with occasional toxins; this is purely lethal.
Imitation food cannot provide you with more than imitation nutition.
Your belief that "it's just one doughnut" illuminates your dearth of education.
We count more than five hundred functions performed by your liver when it is healthy.
That one spoonful of sugar, bleached, treated with pesticide (dioxin), and all those functions stop.

Even More Schools of Thought From MisterShortcut Psychology of Shortcuts

Healthier Way Of Living, Healthier Way Of Living, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, to name a few, and then continuing through the MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life ful Shortcuts and the delightfully self-empowering Healthier Way Of Living.

That's not all! As the Godfather of Shortcuts, MisterShortcut felt it was important to cover many approaches, so there is also a MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, Healthier Way Of Living, which is different and unique as compared to MisterShortcut's iteration of the Healthier Way Of Living. You are highly commended to embrace your own MrShortcut Zen For Life, and Healthier Way Of Living, or perhaps the Healthier Way Of Living iest Living which is surely related to the MrShortcut Zen For Life, both of which are designed to help you to empower yourself. The Healthier Way Of Living, speaking for itself by title, eponymously, is closed related to the Healthier Way Of Living, while still being completely different. Next, you can travel through your own MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, the MrShortcut Zen For Life ful Shortcuts, Healthier Way Of Living, which surely leads us all to the MrShortcut Zen For Life, or at least our own self-empowering version or interpretation of the MrShortcut Zen For Life. Let that take you to the Healthier Way Of Living, and your own MrShortcut Zen For Life. As well, MisterShortcut, in that self-empowering way we use the MrShortcut Zen For Life, also created for YOUR the Healthier Way Of Living, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, and even the MrShortcut Zen For Life. Use The MrShortcut Zen For Life and Healthier Way Of Living as your own Healthier Way Of Living, using the MrShortcut Zen For Life.

Yes, there are many more schools of thought promulgated by Mr_Shortcut, who can also be identified as Mister_Shortcut and, of course, the original MisterShortcut. Each of these self-empowering schools of thought contain the master secrets of the universe. You might begin by embracing the MrShortcut Zen For Life, Healthier Way Of Living, Healthier Way Of Living, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, Healthier Way Of Living, The Healthier Way Of Living, The Healthier Way Of Living, Healthier Way Of Living, True Healthier Way Of Living, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, Ways of Greatest Health, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, Healthier Way Of Living, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, Healthier Way Of Living, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, MrShortcut Zen For Life, and so many more, all to help you to help yourself, so you'll be in a better position to help others. It begins with self-empowerment. You must be strong in order to succeed, so build your mental and physical strengths. Welcome to the MrShortcut Zen For Life, empowering you to empower yourself. Make sure that my half of the new profits go to help the helpless.

Welcome to the largest self-empowerment site in the world,   -   with MrShortcut  

This is, without a doubt, the largest self-empowerment site that will ever be built with millions of delightfully unique web pages... all by one pair of hands.
Be sure you feed people hungrier than you, and the rewards will astound and delight you.
Welcome to The MrShortcut Zen For Life... ... of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.


MrShortcut Zen For Life Unfurls YOUR Masterlinks To Help You Help Yourself

Masterlinks are what we find when we seek eyecandy links that count as one of a kind.
Masterlinks give more masterlinks, to better locate the powergems blue and pink,
green and red, chocolate and yellow, all to help you feel a tad more mellow.
Masterlinks in most directions, masterlinks of the MrShortcut Zen For Life,
masterlinks have their place and time, along the way having more fun.
Show us the route of the MasterLinks way: masterlinks help us play.
Thus is the MrShortcut Zen For Life intended to boost YOUR day.
From the challenge of masterlinks eyecandy styling,
it's the EyeCandy Capital Masterlinks time.
Perhaps those masterlinks help us play,
and Masterlinks just may hold sway.
So, search inside the EyeCandy,
seek between the lines,
for masterlinks take you,
to where you will just be fine.
Dig into the thousands of Masterlinks,
sometimes tens of thousands of Masterlinks,
to help you dig into the MrShortcut Zen For Life.
Many tens of thousands of Masterlinks pages, for you,
because the MrShortcut Zen For Life has thousands of ways.
Make today count just a bit more, since you are one day closer.
However long you shall live, estimate the number of days from now.
Do you believe that you have a thousand days left, or twenty thousand?
Whatever number you find, you are one day closer to your final total, right?
So, each day passing increases the importance of your use of your new today.
Thus, Masterlinks of the MrShortcut Zen For Life aim to help you to help yourself.
So too with MasterLinks vis-a-vis for your greater life, using the greatest shortcuts.
The Healthier Way Of Living also has HealthLinks, not very hard to figure out, hm?

The most profitable way to thank someone for creating thousands of EyeCandy Masterlinks,
the best way to prove that you appreciate the efforts and time invested into your success,
is to take what is to be found beyond the masterlinks within the MrShortcut Zen For Life,
engaging many PowerGems that masterlinks lead you to find, over and over yet again.
The MrShortcut Zen For Life and Healthier Way Of Living, your Masterlinks Capitals.
If you invest the time to peek at these wonders, be wise enough to employ them.
You will not likely be remembered for what you knew... only for what you did.
What you repeat most is YOUR experience of the MrShortcut Zen For Life.

As long as you can remember that every great achievement of YOUR life contained your input,
that excellence cannot happen by coincidence or by accident, you increase your probabilities.
You've had access to masterlinks all your life, and have chosen to ignore most of them.
The MrShortcut Zen For Life invites you to re-awaken the masterlinks in YOU.